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Are you feeling settled into 2012 yet? Feels like home already, doesn’t it? How are the resolutions coming along? Mine are doing pretty well as I didn’t really make any. The man always used to laugh at me when I set another resolution to lose weight or exercise more, and I have to confess that one thing this spa goddess is not good at when on a spa day is exploring the gym. Well, there are treatments to be sampled and chilling out to be done – I can usually manage a swim but that tends to be as energetic as I get.


Well, no more. I’ve decided in the spirit of fun and fitness to embrace my inner Latino goddess and take up Zumba. There’s a class near me, and most day spas (especially the day spas you find in health clubs, like Dove Spas at Virgin Active) have a Zumba offering too. According to Gillian Reeves, Virgin Active’s national group exercise manager, Zumba is fast becoming the must-try fitness class after taking the UK spa scene by storm in 2011. It’s all about fun as well as getting together with like-minded people and getting your heart going. She said;

“The Zumba philosophy of fun with fitness as an additional benefit fits in with Virgin Active’s goals. People are looking for a community in their exercise class, which drives a sociable environment.”

Some Virgin Active gyms have even adapted the Zumba phenomenon to give a whole new dimension – just add water! More Miami pool party than a chore, the new Aqua Zumba pool classes feature a fab mix of world music and high energy moves to Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggeton and other rhythms. The water adds extra resistance and it’s an invigorating workout. Note to self: Next time I’m at a spa, I’m going to take my Latino moves with me and do a Zumba class…nobody puts Spa Goddess Sarah in a corner!

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