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Teen Spa Queens
Teen Spa Queens

Planning the perfect teen spa experience

Whether it’s a birthday treat, a pampering session ahead of the high school prom, or some mother-daughter quality time, giving your teen a spa day can leave them looking and feeling great. However, when it comes to teens and spas, there are some things to keep in mind. In this article, we take a look at the teen spa experience and suggest some spas that offer teen queens and kings a tailored spa experience.



Can under-18s visit spas?

The answer is actually yes and no. Some spas welcome teenagers and have packages specifically designed to cater to their needs. However, not all spas accommodate teens. It is therefore important to check out ahead of time whether the spa you want to book your teen into accepts those under the age of 18. Some spas have a policy of not admitting guests under the age of 16, whereas others may require adult supervision at all times, including during any treatments.

What treatments can teen spa-goers enjoy?

Essentially, teenagers can enjoy the same types of treatments as adult spa-goers. In particular, they might like:

  • Facial: A teen facial should use products designed for young skin, such as Elemis Fresh Skin.
  • Massage: A light back, neck and shoulders massage can work wonders, especially around exam time! If the treatment involves aromatherapy oils, the therapist should know which are best for teenage skin.
  • Manicure or pedicure: These simple treatments are great for teenagers and can be a nice touch of luxury ahead of the prom or other big social occasion.

Of course, teens can also enjoy the facilities the spa offers, including the swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool and Jacuzzi.

Are there any spa treatments teens should avoid?

Spa treatments teens should avoid include anything that involves harsh products or techniques, such as wraps, deep tissue massage or facials with deep exfoliation and scrubs that might cause an adverse reaction on younger skin. Likewise, if your teen suffers with problem skin, a facial might do more harm than good. Any treatments designed to detox or firm the skin, while not harmful, are unnecessary for teen guests, who are years (even decades) away from needing this type of rejuvenation!

What are the best spas for teens?

To give you an idea of what’s available, here are some spas that welcome teens and a selection of spa packages younger guests might enjoy.

Carden Park in Chester offers a Teen Pamper Day for guests aged 13 to 15. The package includes a facial, nail treatment and use of the facilities, as well as lunch. Teens must be accompanied by an adult.

Elfordleigh Hotel, Golf and Country Club in Devon offers a One Night Teenage Spa Break for guests aged 13 to 16. The package includes one treatment and use of the facilities, as well as a three-course dinner, overnight accommodation and breakfast the next morning. Teens must be accompanied by an adult. This venue also offers a Teenage Spa Day.

Champneys spas offer a wide range of treatments and leisure facilities across five beautiful locations. The spas welcome guests aged 16+. Guests aged 14 and 15 can attend but must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Tips for giving your teen the best spa experience

We end with a few tips that can help you plan the best teen spa experience:

  1. Ask your teen what they would like from a spa experience: It can be risky to book a selection of treatments without asking what your teen queen or king would really enjoy.
  1. Remember that teens can be self-conscious: Being ‘forced’ to wear a swimsuit in public may not be something your teen will enjoy. Spas should provide the ultimate in relaxation, but for some people (of all ages), this aspect of the experience can cause anxiety.
  1. Prepare your teen for the fact that spas are a phone-free zone: Let them know ahead of time that they will have to leave their electronic devices in their locker – they might even enjoy a short ‘digital detox’!

Spas can offer teens the same relaxation and pampering that adult guests enjoy, so a spa break might just be the perfect respite from those stressful teenage years. After all, we can all benefit from some well-deserved ‘me time’.

If you would like help or advice on booking the perfect teen spa experience, please get in touch with us today.

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