Teen Spa Queens

Teen Spa Queens
Teen Spa Queens

It’s prom season – and there are prom queens in training all over the UK queuing up to be made up to look older than their years and totter along to the ball for the rite-of-passage that’s made its way over from the United States in the past five years or so.

For those of us who remember when leaving school was marked with an end-of-term disco, a crafty alcopop and the freedom of not having to wear school uniforms any more, the prom trend may seem a little alien. Proms are big business though, and your teenagers will want to look their best. Lucky for them, UK spas are getting in on the act with treatments to suit the teen skin, trends…and pocket!

Teens are more savvy about skincare than their parents were at their age, and skincare brands are catering for this with the introduction of premium ranges like Elemis Fresh Skin. While some of us were stuck with Clearasil for our skincare needs, todays’ teens want the very best and aren’t as likely to wait until they’ve got the world’s worst breakout (in teen-speak) before they start looking after their skin.

Spas like Bannatynes Spas are catering for teens who want to be preened and polished pre-prom night with a range of treatments that cater for the teen market. These treatments take into account the spending power of today’s teens, and are priced realistically. The prices range from £5 to £29 – around half the usual price of an adult facial or treatment, and so if you’re looking for a way to introduce your teenager to the joys of a spa day, or just encourage her to take care of her skin, it could be an ideal pre-prom treat. With a lot of spas having a ‘no under 16’ rule, it’s nice for the girls to have somewhere to go if they want to feel good for their big night out.

Spas and salons are keen to get the teen market converted, but realistic about the risk factors and potential hazards of teen treatments. Most spas will only carry out treatments on under 16s if they are accompanied by an adult, and the treatment lists tend to be more basic than you’d expect for full adult spa treatments, to take into account their delicate skin. Would you have wanted a spa facial at 16? Or will you be encouraging your daughters to try it?

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