Floating away...

Floating away...
Floating away...

All in the name of serious journalistic research, I travelled down to Essex the other day to try out one of the i-sopod floatation pods that I’ve been hearing all about. Now, I know that floatation isn’t exactly a new concept, and pods, tanks and pools that offer to calm your senses with a weightless float in water buoyed up with several kilos of salts (Dead sea or Epsom) have been around for years.

But this float is a bit special. I tried it in a new spa that’s opened up in Chelmsford, right in the town centre, and the beauty of it is that it’s so accessible. Quite frankly the prices are another attraction. They also do fish pedicures – more about that later!

I was a bit concerned about the floatation, as I have been known to get claustrophobic in lifts – or when the trains get stuck in the tunnels on the Circle line, so the first thing I asked was ‘how do you get out?’. Satisfied that a hard shove would set me free if I started getting claustrophobic, I showered off and slid into the pod, which eases you in gently with soothing music and a calming blue light. There are controls that you can fiddle with once you’re inside the pod, which let you change the lighting and music, although I was quite happy with the calming blue hues.

The Epsom salts in the water, which is heated to body temperature, are good for your skin, and the whole experience is very relaxing. It’s supposed to enhance relaxation and creativity - and send you into a sort of semi-conscious state that makes your Theta brain waves kick in. Whether that happened I couldn’t really confirm but I was fit for nothing after 40 minutes floating in there and I came out feeling very relaxed indeed. I can also report that I had a very, very good night’s sleep the night after the float, and even the beloved’s snoring couldn’t rouse me from it.

I’d definitely try another float; maybe go for an hour next time. What do you think, have you ever had a float? Did you enjoy it? Tell me more...

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