Ask Spa Goddess Sarah – hot oils and spa massage

 Ask Spa Goddess Sarah – hot oils and spa massage
Ask Spa Goddess Sarah – hot oils and spa massage

I love a good massage, and most massages and body treatments in spas involve lovely aromatherapy oils. But aromatherapy and hot oils aren’t just there to smell nice and transport you into a scented bliss, they do actually do you a lot of good and nourish your skin.

Janine from Watford asked a really good question

“How long should I leave the oils on my skin after I’ve had a massage or body treatment?”

Well, the truth is it’s up to you. Personally I love to let the oils sink into my skin for as long as possible, they always smell so gorgeous, and I’m convinced I can feel the essential oils doing my skin loads of good. But if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, it’s personal choice and you don’t have to. If you leave the oils on for a few hours, you’ll get more benefit from the treatment you’ve just had, and most therapists will tell you to leave it as long as you can before you wash the goodness off.

Don’t jump straight in the shower…and don’t worry about the oils staining your clothes. Just laze around in your robe (everyone else does). I’ve never had a problem with oils staining my clothes after a massage, anyway.

The only exception to the ‘don’t wash it off’ rule is feet. I can fall over my own feet at the best of times so I’d never want to leave oils on my tootsies. Most therapists will bathe your feet after a nourishing foot treatment or pedicure, and I can’t say I’ve ever had oils used when I’ve had a reflexology treatment either.

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