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bannatynes-spa-manicure-areaMany of the 500+ resorts we represent nationwide offer a ‘file and polish’ treatment for guests. It is easy for inexperienced spa goers to make the mistake of thinking this service is a full manicure.Rather, a file and polish should be considered a mini, time-saving treatment which will leave your nails looking preened and fabulous despite its relative simplicity.

Keep reading to discover what you can expect when enjoying a file and polish as part of one of our indulgent Pamper Daysluxurious spa breaks or as part of a treatment package from one of our spa gift vouchers. You’ll also find some aftercare advice, as well as several helpful tips for those considering this treatment, towards the bottom of this page.

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What is included in a file and polish spa treatment?

Spa guests must first decide whether they would prefer the nails on their hands or feet to be treated.

While full manicures typically see guests’ hands or feet exfoliated and massaged before attention is turned to the nails, filing begins almost immediately in the case of a file and polish. Once cleaned, you will be asked to choose whether you would like your nails expertly shaped into neat ovals or squares.

Once nail filing is complete and any resulting debris is removed, you will then get to pick your preferred nail varnish colour from the available selection. While file and polish treatment inclusions can vary greatly between different chains and types of spa, in the vast majority of cases a neutral base coat - and a transparent top coat - will also be applied. These additional layers will help protect your nails and seal your chosen colour for tougher durability.

Some therapists may also apply a gentle moisturiser - or other products - to your hands (or feet), or target particularly unruly cuticles and hangnails as part of this basic spa treatment. Keep in mind that additional fees may apply should you accept extras not mentioned in the spa’s description of the treatment (never be afraid to ask the therapist if you’re unsure).

IMPORTANT: Always check the website for your chosen spa to determine the exact details of your selected file and polish.

File and polish aftercare advice

  • If you treat your tootsies to a file and polish, wear flip flops and keep your feet dry for as long as possible post treatment, to allow applied polishes and top coats to fully harden and become their most resistant

  • Wearing rubber gloves while cleaning your home or doing the washing up is advised for those with painted fingernails - contact with certain chemicals and long soaks can cause polishes to peel away or fade

  • Consider purchasing a bottle of polish from the spa’s shop (if applicable), in the same colour applied to your nails so you can maintain the look once you have returned home

Helpful tips

  • If you did not settle the cost of your file and polish ahead of your spa visit, you will want to do so before your treatment begins - rummaging around in your bag/purse afterwards will almost certainly dent or chip your newly applied polish

  • You should arrive for your file and polish promptly, jewellery-free and with your nails free of varnish. The removal of existing varnish will eat into your allocated treatment time, which could leave you with less than desirable results. Gel polishes can be particularly difficult to remove so skip the application of such in the weeks leading up to your spa visit

  • Some spas will not perform files and polishes on acrylic, or other otherwise false, nails. Always check with your selected spa before finalising your booking

  • Dont worry if you’re a nail biter - nail and and spa therapists alike are used to seeing nails in all kinds of conditions, and can paint even the shortest of nails

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