Wilderness Retreat Spa Day
Chevin Country Park Hotel & Spa, Otley, West Yorkshire

Wilderness Retreat Spa Day at Chevin Country Park Hotel & Spa

The opulence you crave

How often do you find yourself constantly on the go and desperate for some respite? We all seem to be living at a hundred miles per hour these days, but it’s so easy to get away from it all for a few hours of well-deserved indulgence.

The answer is here: a trip to the sublime Chevin Country Park and a day of complete and utter bliss.

Your experience includes

  • Three hours use of the leisure facilities

  • Robe and slipper hire £5pp

  • Arrive at 10am, 1.30pm or 4.30pm

Your choice of 1 treatment from the below:

  • Decléor aromatherapy full body massage - 55 minutes

  • Tribe517 Calibrate 517 - A massage to realign your body and supported by lying face down encouraging gravity - 55 minutes

  • Tribe517 Hot Rocking Relax - Your choice of Heal & Health body oil or Hypnotic Sleep Balm combined with hot smooth ceramic pods for a full body massage for tired and aching muscles - 55 minutes

  • Tribe517 Calibrate Liberty - A signature massage using a blend of Ylang and Amaris to energise and relax - 55 minutes

  • Mama Love - A delicate and nourishing 'Love of Massage' to soothe aches and entice a sleephead mood (suitable from the second trimester) - 55 minutes


Chevin Country Park Hotel and Spa
West Yorkshire , LS21 3NU

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