Can I go to a spa if I have psoriasis?

Dead Sea Salt
Can I go to a spa if I have psoriasis?

Do you, or anyone close to you, suffer with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis? Do you flinch at the very thought of going to a spa, knowing that the fragranced oils and lotions are likely to set you off with a reaction?

Well, the good news is that not all spa treatments are created equal, and in fact you might get some benefit from a tailored spa treatment. It’s Psoriasis Awareness Week from 1st to 7th November, and so I thought I’d have a look at the different options available.

There are some types of treatment, especially anything involving minerals and mud, which can be positively beneficial to anyone with problem skin. Don’t rule out a straightforward massage, as some of the carrier oils and essential oils can really help to soothe psoriasis. Always tell the therapist beforehand that you have it, so that they’ll be able to find you the best massage oil for you which won’t irritate any areas of sore skin. Shea butter is often used in massage treatments, and according to the Psoriasis Association, many sufferers use it. There’s no definitive ‘safe’ list for essential oils, but bergamot, clary sage, tea tree, lavender, chamomile, geranium, and rose are a few potentially calming and soothing oils to use in a treatment.

Create Your Own Home Spa to Relieve Psoriasis

Sea Salts and Mud 

For home use, some people swear by Dead Sea minerals and mud for skin conditions. As far as spa treatments are concerned, two brands that offer home ranges are Finders Dead Sea Bath Salts which improve psoriasis and eczema, and Moor Spa herbal bath and body treatments. The Moor Spa bath is actually black and looks frighteningly muddy but the natural herbs and minerals don’t actually stain your towels and leave your skin feeling soft and rehydrated. The Finders Dead Sea Salt Brushing treatment smells absolutely divine and leaves your skin soft and hydrated but does tend to sting if you have any raw patches of skin, so if you fancy trying it, pop into Holland and Barrett or another health store and ask if you can try a tester first.

You could also travel to Nirvana Spa in Berkshire for a real Dead Sea mineral floatation if you have a high pain threshold too. I’ve tried it and it was absolutely amazing, although the concentration of minerals was so high that any small patches of irritated skin stung like crazy for a few minutes.

Wrap it up

If you’re in the mood for a luxurious spa treatment which shouldn’t irritate your psoriasis, Thalgo products use natural marine ingredients and are marketed as being good for skin conditions. A Thalgo algae wrap is a soothing treatment that also helps relieve aches and pains and drenches your skin with yummy minerals too. Thalgo treatments are on the menu at Grayshott Hall in Surrey, and St David’s Hotel and Spa in Cardiff, too. The products are also available to buy online and at some salons and spas. Just one word of advice though – the algae treatments are made with seaweed, so don’t go expecting aromatherapy scents. You’ll come out with gorgeously glowing skin, but you might have to endure being wrapped up in nutritious, mineral-rich goo that smells faintly of Bognor beach on a warm day…


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