Pregnancy: Self Esteem And Spa Treatments [Infographic]

Pregnancy: Self Esteem & Spa Treatments

Many fathers want to present their emotionally and physically shattered partner with a gift after the birth of their child. Agreeing to undertake night feeds and volunteering for nappy changing duty will no doubt please the mother but these gestures should be supplementary to a present which makes her feel truly special.

Approximately 29% of women suffer from post natal depression (PND), and it is proven that low self esteem is a predictor of the ailment. Individuals harbouring low self esteem feel they have little or no self worth.  66% of women have low self esteem after pregnancy and this is far from ideal considering the additional responsibilities new mums must fulfil!

Pampering is regularly cited to help improve self esteem and so experiencing a few beauty treatments before and after pregnancy can prevent the development of PND. As you can see from our infographic above however, only 20% of women actually visit a spa during their pregnancy, whilst just 17% do so up to 3 months after giving birth.  This is disappointing considering 71% of PND sufferers who visit spas feel their symptoms alleviated.

We at Spa Seekers – and 66% of the individuals we asked – believe that spa vouchers are the best gift to give to women who have just brought another life into the world. Only 15% of the fathers we polled however have actually treated their partners to such a gift post-birth.

Many women (37%) also suffer poor self image during pregnancy and so the gift of spa vouchers is sure to please no matter what trimester mum-to-be happens to be in.

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