To spa tan or sun tan?

To spa tan or sun tan?Well, the sun is back out in the south this week and with such glorious weather I'm starting to think about revealing my skin. But a study from the University of California says that women like me are more likely to be at risk of skin cancer, so what's a girl to do?

According to the study, young women who live in better off areas are more likely to develop melanoma, and according to the Daily Mail it's probably down to using sun beds often than recommended, and being able to afford to go away on foreign holidays – and coming back sunburned.

I don't know about you, but I'm really careful when I go abroad, and of course I always make sure that my little girl, who's five, is well protected, too. I confess I've used sun beds in the  past, but these days I prefer to stick with spa tanning. There are some brilliant tanning products that don't give you the dreaded 'orange' look, so what's the point of risking your health by overdoing the sun beds or frying on a beach?

One of my absolute favourite tanning ranges has to be the fabulous Elemis Sunwise range. I like to start with a relaxing tanning treatment at Lythe Hill in Surrey (or a spa with Elemis spa treatments)  and when I get home I top up with Sunwise self tan. When I get out in the sunshine, I use Body Glow High Protection - and the gorgeous minty sun lotion which really cools my skin down.

Do you use sun beds?  Are the scare stories about sunshine and sun beds are enough to put you off? I'd love to know what you think...

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