Spa Paper Pants

Spa Paper Pants
Spa Paper Pants

You might have noticed a reference to paper pants in my description of the glorious Oriental Bathing Experience at Lifehouse Spa. The paper knickers issue has long been a bug bear of mine – surely there is no woman on earth that can truly relax wearing a scrap of tissue paper to cover what’s left of her modesty. I’m not a size eight, but I’m sure that even if I was, that tiny scrap of nothing wouldn’t cover much of my modesty.

We spa loving girls need to start a revolution – there must be another way to keep our nether regions vaguely out-of-sight while we’re having a massage that doesn’t involve feeling like your backside is being cheese-wired. It’s not the spas’ fault – I’m sure that most spas in the UK have the same suppliers, and if there is nothing else on the market, what can they do?

Have you ever been to a spa where they’ve had a comfy solution to this problem? Tell me all about it! Maybe we can start a competition to actually FIND a comfy, or at least not hideously uncomfortable, pair of disposable pants. I can honestly say, that even though I’m not an exhibitionist, I’d prefer to go au naturel while having a spa treatment than lie rigid on the massage bed, convinced that one wrong move is going to ping the flimsy elastic and leave me exposed to the elements. A bit of nifty towel work usually covers our modesty when we remove our bra – maybe the same tactics could be used for down below?

What do you think? Am I making a fuss about a (little scrap of) nothing or do you find the paper knickers as much of an abomination as I do? I need to know...

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