Metrosexual spa days?

Metrosexual spa days?
Do you ever get annoyed that you spend ages preparing for a special occasion, from the facial to the mani-pedi and even a weight loss body wrap if it’s a really big do....but the man in your life seems to think that all he needs to do is shave and have his hair trimmed for a fiver in the local barber’s shop and he’s a sex god?

I know, although I love my significant other to bits, that he doesn’t bother with daily, weekly or monthly grooming and maintenance routines like I do. If truth be told, he could probably do with a bit of de-fluffing in places and as his daily skin care routine only involves a wash, a shave and a splash of whatever was on special offer in Tesco, his skin is dry and parched.

I keep suggesting that he should try a facial and have a spa day, but I’m not convinced he’s ready to embrace his metrosexual side just yet! I’ve told him about all male swanky spas like The Refinery, who take male grooming to a new, butch level. He’s still not convinced, although I think he’d come with me on a lover’s spa break if it meant he got a massage and some peace and quiet.

Meanwhile, I’m going to try and tempt him into taking a bit more care of his skin, I’ve discovered that Amida Spas do a fantastic range of male-only spa treatments, and if I can just tempt him over there (there’s Amida Spas in some David Lloyd clubs so he could even squeeze in a game of squash and make himself feel really manly first) I know he’ll just love being pampered so much that he’ll want to keep it up.

Is your man a bathroom diva or is he a spa-phobic? Have you ever managed to get him to a spa and did he enjoy it? And boys – have you been and what did you think?

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