Hair tips: how to refresh your hair colour at home

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Make up for hair?

It’s easy to spruce up your look with a new mascara or make your skin feel nice with a delicious body lotion, but sometimes wouldn’t it be nice to get that quick fix for your hair, without having to make an appointment with the hairdresser to revive a flagging colour or give it a bit of pizazz?

The people who design these things have been busy coming up with ideas to help us do just that, and there is a new wave of hair make up set to hit the high street and revolutionise our locks in between cuts and colours.

If you’re starting to notice grey, the first reaction is usually to cover it up with a colour at the salon. Well, now you can cover up the odd splashes of grey with a new wonder product, Color Wow (£28.50 from It’s a temporary fix that covers up any pesky grey and also comes in handy for hiding regrowth in between salon visits. It doesn’t take much to apply it either – all you need to do is brush it on to dry hair, and blending the greys and any regrowth at the roots in with the rest of your colour. It comes in blonde, light, dark and medium brown, and it can make your tresses look younger in less than a minute. What’s not to love about that?

If your tresses feel a tad flat, you can add a bit of brush on volume with Shu Uemura Volume Maker (£31, which adds a bit of instant oomph in the same way that a blusher brush uses light and shade to add clever contours to your face. It comes with a powder brush and texturizing powder which look just like a pen and are easy to keep in your handbag to glam up your look when you’re having a bad hair day. You just click the pen, and brush the powder onto your roots, giving it instant volume with no hassle.

You can fake tan your body – now you can enhance the colour of your hair too. The new shade-reviving balms add a shot of depth to your hair colour and revamp a shade that’s in need of a boost. Shu Uemura Color Lustre (£32, contains linseed oil which intensifies your colour as if by magic. You can use the product on dyed or natural hair, and it will add a gorgeous depth and radiance to your existing shade. It’s quick and easy – you just shampoo and towel-dry your hair, apply the balm to your hair section by section and leave it on for up to ten minutes. You can try it in golden blonde, intense red, cool blonde, radiant chestnut and cool brown.

No excuses for tired-looking hair in between salon trips!

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