Spa Deals and 2 for 1 Spa Offers near Cornwall

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Cornwall is home to some of the country\'s most cherished traditions - the cream tea, the Cornish cone, and - the spas in Cornwall are just as much of a delight as a freshly picked strawberry in an old fashioned cream tea. Book a fantastically relaxing spa day in Cornwall and you just know you won\'t regret it. There\'s a wide range of gorgeous locations in this charming county, all ripe for exploration and ready to welcome you to a charming spa hotel after your expeditions.

Enjoy a delightfully decadent spa day or a full spa weekend being pampered beyond belief in one of the prettiest parts of England. Appreciate the coastline and hopefully soak up the sunshine - then retreat to a health farm and think about beautiful Bodmin Moor or Penzance while you have all your cares massaged away on a perfect pamper day. Find the best deals and monetary vouchers here, and book your retreat..