The Joys of a Spring Spa Break


The Joys of a Spring Spa Break
The Joys of a Spring Spa Break


Have you noticed how everyone just seems to smile that little bit more when the sun’s out? I don’t know about you, but I just have to jettison my coat and boots at the first signs of a daffodil poking its head up, and it takes a very cold or very wet day to make me return to the bad old days of covering myself up!

I suppose you could say I’m a sunshine-girl, or at the very least a fresh air in the summer girl. I’m seriously toying with the idea of treating myself to an Android tablet or a Blackberry Playbook so that I can sit and write about spas in the sunshine in the local park, while marvelling at the bravery of the inquisitive squirrels and ducks (the wonders of free WiFi).

I’m also looking forward to treating myself to my next spa weekend break. I’m thinking it would be fantastic to go and spend some time visiting spa in a part of the country I’ve never been to, maybe travel up towards the north of the country and try out one of the amazing spas in Yorkshire (I hear Cedar Court Grand Hotel & Spa is amazing, and I’ve heard lots of good reports about the Academy Spa in Harrogate).

Or I could venture over to Wales, maybe take Him Indoors and maybe Sofia too, see if I can wangle a spa break at The Vale in Cardiff, where they have golf courses to entertain those weird people who aren’t entertained enough by pools, saunas and massages.

I feel like having a really good spring clean, perhaps investing in an exfoliating treatment to perk up my skin or a facial to reveal my inner beauty!

Where do you think I should go next? What’s your spa recommendation?

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