Know your Spas!

Know your Spas!
Know your Spas!

People often ask me what a spa really is, and what’s the difference between them. Well, it’s really hard to explain as there are as many different varieties of spa as you could imagine. If you’re looking for a spa though, and you’re not really sure what to look for, here’s a really basic guide for you.

Day Spa: most people start off with a day spa to see if they like it! A day spa has all the facilities of a spa, but no rooms or facilities to stay overnight. Examples of day spas include the spas you find in health clubs like Esporta Health Clubs, or one off places like the Academy Day Spa in Harrogate.

Health Farm – these are usually older, more established spas, like the Champneys Group, Hoar Cross Hall, and Grayshott Hall. They’ll give you everything you need for a fabulous pamper day if you want one, but at the same time you can book overnight stays and there’s often more of an emphasis on health, weight loss and even medical treatments as well as beauty. Health farms are usually large, and almost always self contained so not part of a health club or a hotel.

Resort Spa – sometimes also called health farms, a resort spa is a bigger spa where you can stay overnight or for longer breaks. You get resort spas in pretty places with their own grounds, a golf course, or other touristy attractions. Places like Stobo Castle and Celtic Manor are good examples of a resort’ll get a fab spa break and plenty of photo opportunities too!

Spa Hotel – this one can be tricky and you’ll need to do some research if you book a hotel spa trip. If you book through Spaseekers, you’ll be fine, but some places who advertise as having a spa really don’t have much more than a beauty therapist who comes in if someone books a treatment! On the other hand, luxury hotel chains like De Vere and Barcelo know a thing or two about spas and if you book a cheeky stay here, the pamper days will be every bit as good as you’d get in a dedicated spa!

Is there anything you’d love to ask me about spas? Add your comments, or email spaseekers, and I’ll do what I can to answer any questions you’ve got.

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