It doesn’t have to be chocolate!

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It doesn’t have to be chocolate!

Easter time can be hard work for anyone dieting or trying to be healthy. Wall to wall chocolate eggs and sweet treats line up on supermarket trips to tempt you, and it’s only the very strong who have enough willpower to avoid the call of the Crème egg (or is that just me?)

Everything revolves around chocolate at Easter, and it’s so easy just to drop another egg in the trolley and think that’s the perfect Easter gift. Depending on which type of chocolate egg, they probably are pretty near perfect anyway…you know what I’m talking about Mr Green and Mr Black! It can be fun to try and find a gift that shows a little more imagination though. I’ve been having a nose around gift sites for some ideas, and of course there are a few perennial favourites too, which don’t involve a session in the gym every day for a week as penance…

Websites like http://www.gettingpersonal.co.uk/ sell a whole range of cool Easter gift ideas. Admittedly, most of them do come smothered in chocolate, but seek out some non-choc gifts like personalised bunny mugs or the Easter-themed stationery – I love the ‘Keep Calm and Hop On’ notebook -for little gifts that won’t break your budget or your resolve.

Technically it’s food-related, but if you pop into Poundland, they are selling Cup Cake House sets for £1. Pop your cupcakes in and present them in a pretty little house-shaped box!

If you have a bit more to spend and you want to encourage a keen gardening habit now it’s springtime, how about a pretty set of rose-patterned Cath Kitson-inspired garden tools? From The Contemporary Home http://www.tch.net/– they are the sort of kit you really wouldn’t like to leave out in the rain…

Also a wee bit more expensive but SO cool – a set of Verner Panton award-winning designer egg cups! If you like to go to work on an egg, or send your brood off to school with eggy soldiers, the funky egg cups might be just the way to do it. Find them on http://www.stylishlife.co.uk/

Of course, Easter is all about renewal, and what better way to feel renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated than an Easter spa trip? You can treat someone to £50 of spa vouchers, which they can put towards an indulgent, calorie-free spa day – and it’s much better for you than chocolate and the effects lasts longer than flowers…

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