Christmas Gifts for the Boys

Christmas Gifts for the Boys
Christmas Gifts for the Boys

I always find it hard to buy Christmas gifts for the men in my life. I’m not sure why it is, maybe it’s just that I’m a girly girl and find it hard to know what to get my dad, or even sometimes my beloved. I’m not the kind of person who can just get any old thing though, so I’ve been doing some digging around and I’ve found some great ideas for men that don’t have the Top Gear logo on them or guarantee they’ll be plugged into an Xbox for the entire Christmas season.

If he’s a keen (but not very good) golfer, and he’s constantly complaining that he’s losing his golf balls, present him with a pair of Golf Ball Finder Glasses. They almost, almost look quite cool, and have tinted filter lenses that make white objects stand out – great when he’s landed the ball in the foliage somewhere again…

A bit of retro grooming advice wouldn’t go amiss with some of the scruff bags I know, so I’m seriously tempted to buy one of these for all the men in my family. The Butler’s Guide to Gentleman’s Grooming just has to be the ideal gift for anyone who needs a little advice on sprucing himself up. With tips on skin care shortcuts, shaving techniques and even advice on looking after your clothes and shoes, there really is no excuse once he’s read this…

If he’s complaining that he needs to shape up but can’t afford the gym fees, a Door Gym could be the answer to his dilemma. All you need for this gym is a door, and he’ll soon be doing his push-ups, pull-ups, and chin-ups while you watch Eastenders in the other room. Genius!

Give him somewhere fancy to put his grooming kit with a funky Union Jack Wash Bag. If you’re feeling especially nice, you could fill it up with some pampering goodies from Elemis too.

 If he’s been a really good boy this year, he deserves a treat. Present him with a spa voucher (and make it a Lovers Pamperday if you want to treat yourself too) and show him what a spa is all about. He’ll be eternally grateful!

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