Treating my face as a Temple

Treating my face as a Temple
Treating my face as a Temple

I came across an absolutely gorgeous range of spa products when I went on my latest spa day. I was lucky enough to spend a day at Rowhill Grange, and was introduced to the sublime (and absolutely gorgeous-smelling) Temple Spa beauty range.

I had a My Kinda Skin Facial while I was at the spa, a 55 minute dose of luxury that left me feeling and smelling lovely. Karen, the treatment manager at Rowhill, told me that they’ve had the range in-spa for a couple of years and that she absolutely loves it. Temple Spa uses Mediterranean style ingredients and no nasties to create a fabulous range of treatments and products that isn’t just a five-minute wonder – the products promise serious results as well as a nice ‘just had a facial’ feeling.

We all know that tomatoes, carrots, broccoli and watermelon are good for us – Temple Spa takes the view that if they are good for us on the inside, the chances are they will be just as good for our skin on the outside too, and with a liberal dose of fruit and veg they’ve come up with a range that combines aromatherapy, science and natural ingredients.

I really loved my facial – unlike some, it didn’t make my unruly combination skin feel oily, and the smell…Oh wow. You can but the products online, but I’d recommend a facial or treatment at Rowhill Grange or sister spa Alexander House to get the hang of them first…I would, wouldn’t I?

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