Tasty Spa Treat

Tasty Spa Treat
Tasty Spa Treat

A Manchester tart is something that Manchester residents have been enjoying for as long as they can remember, and with a delicious combination of pastry, custard, fruity jam and coconut it’s possibly the perfect sweet treat to go with your cup of tea after a hard day. But would you have a Manchester Tart facial?

The experts at Macdonald Manchester Hotel and Spa seem to think that custard could well be as good for your skin as it is for your taste buds, and have concocted a delicious-sounding facial based on the contents of the delicacy, which launches in July.

The team at the developed the bespoke facial using a blend of custard, coconut and cherries, designed to give spa-goers a new treatment to try as well as show the hotel’s pride in its home city.

The hour long facial, which costs £45 and will launch in July, includes custard, coconut and cherries, is made up from apple custard – which is high in free radical busting vitamins A and C, which help to keep skin healthy. Coconut is the moisturising ingredient, used in lots of beauty treatments already, and cherries are great for removing dead skin cells and pepping up dull looking skin.

Sounds great, if a little bit sickly!

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