On no…it’s a voucher…

Spa Voucher
On no…it’s a voucher…

Remember when it was considered the height of boring to give someone a gift voucher for Christmas?

It just seemed as if it was the last resort for aunties you never saw who didn’t really know you, and the vouchers often got forgotten about. As a child, a voucher was the biggest let down possible. Well, apart from the time I got a vest and knickers and my face dropped faster than Facebook share prices two days after they went on sale.

These days, a voucher is more likely to be something that proves you’ve actually put a lot of thought into a gift. For example, you have to know somebody pretty well if you’re going to invest in a voucher for a Zorbing experience. Not everyone will be up for the idea of rattling around in a giant hamster ball for a couple of hours, but for some people, Zorbing would be the ultimate in fun things to do of an afternoon. You can even try Zorbing for two packages, aqua zorbing if it floats your boat (groan), or the ultimate…SNOW zorbing.

If you know someone who’s always looking for something different to try, and recreating the inside of a washing machine in a Zorb-ball isn’t really their thing, there’s adrenaline junkie experiences like indoor bungee-jumping to try. That might be a case of ‘been there done that’ for some people though, so why not present a lucky someone with a voucher entitling them to have the time of their lives on a Segway Rally? Bruises and scrapes practically guaranteed.

An adrenalin-junkie experience probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, in fact a cup of tea might be more in order with an Afternoon Tea Experience. More luxurious than your average afternoon on the sofa with daytime TV and a packet of Hobnobs, there are a huge variety of tea-themed experience vouchers to pick from. High Tea with Hendrick’s cocktails in Mayfair might be just the thing on a cold day, or for animal lovers a tour of a Hertfordshire wildlife park topped off with a delicious tea would make their day. Explore even further and you’ll find variations on the theme that will suit anybody: River cruises, Japanese afternoon tea, or a delicious Cream Tea Spa Treat for Two at the London Marriott County Hall which includes a gorgeous treatment, plus scrumptious cream tea and use of all the luxurious facilities.

Treat someone who needs to put their feet up in style to a spa voucher, and they can chose to spend it on afternoon tea at the County Hall or perhaps put it towards a decadent spa break and a couple of days of peace and inner tranquillity.

Much nicer than a book token, don’t you think?

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