Heat it up

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Heat it up

Are you still recovering from the onslaught of all that snow? It looks so pretty on the day it falls and I have to confess to going for a little stomp in the park when it was fresh, but as soon as it freezes, and turns the pavements into a no-go area, I’m quite happy to stay indoors until I can see green where the lawn should be again. Not only that, but most of the time I am resolutely not a cold person, and daydream of summer as soon as the nights start drawing in through October.

It’s great to inject a bit of summertime heat into a long, cold winter and one way to do that is – you guessed it – get yourself down to a spa and soak up some deliciously warming heat…

You could just book in for a simple spa day, without any added treatments, and you will still find that you can warm up beautifully in a sauna or steam room. The variations on both are just fantastic – for example you can bask in a deliciously scented Rose Sauna at Ragdale Hall, experience twinkling lights in the steam room at Clarice House in Colchester, or if you prefer, enjoy a bit of aromatherapy in a scented steam room at Champneys Tring.

You can stick with what you know and get hot and heavy in a standard steam room, but why not experiment with the other areas of a thermal suite that you might not have tried before? Can you tell your Laconium from your Caldarium? What’s a Tepidarium? Would you prefer a Hammam or a hot tub? It’s great to experiment with hotting things up.

If you like dry heat – you’ll enjoy the sauna.

If dry heat is a bit much for you, but you want to feel the heat (and still get a sweat on) go for a steam room. Particularly good if you have a cold, as they are great for unblocking your sinuses.

Temperature wise, if you like your heat extra hot, head for the Caldarium. It will be the hottest part of the spa, a posher version of a steam room, often with a spa pool and essential oils to spice things up a bit.

Not so keen on the hot, hot heat? You could downgrade and spend some time in the steamy Hammam, or Turkish Bath where you might also opt for a mud wrap or a body scrub. Or you might just like sitting around in a gently steamed room and contemplating.

For a gentle heat that’s more like a sauna on a low setting, a Laconium would be the place to hang out. It’s ideal if you find the intense heat of a sauna too much but don’t really fancy the wet heat of a steam room or Hammam.

The Tepidarium is as it sounds; and it’s the ideal place to relax in-between spa treatments. Warm and cosy, rather than hot, you’ll probably find yourself dozing off if you stay in the gentle warmth for too long!

All of these areas of a spa are ideal for helping you forget the cold and bliss out in the warm. Just avoid the Frigidarium…

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