Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
Happy Easter!

Well, the odds were on for a snowed-in Easter this year (hello? Can anyone tell me where the Spring’s got to?) but hopefully that’s not going to dampen down your Easter spirit.

Happy Easter from everyone at SpaSeekers – we hope that even if you haven’t already booked your Easter spa break and chilled out in style, you enjoy your Easter holiday and the associated chocolate-fest.

Did you know that the world’s oldest Easter egg dates back to 1957, and it’s still sitting in its gold wrapper? Instead of being eaten, because it was so pretty, it was used by the recipient as an Easter decoration, and it’s still in perfect condition after 56 years. Judith Bowen, who gave the egg to her mum when she was just 17, found it again when she was clearing out her late mother’s bungalow, and plans to keep hold of it and hand it down to her own children.

It wouldn’t have lasted that long in the SpaSeekers office….

Happy Easter!

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