Taking a bit of the spa home with you

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Taking a bit of the spa home with you

That ‘just back from holiday’ feeling can make you feel a bit fed up, and the same applies to coming down from your pampered position if you’ve spent a couple of days in a lovely spa being treated like a princess. But if you’ve been away to one of the Aqua Sana spas at any of the Center Parks locations, you can now take a little reminder of the trip back home with you!

Center Parcs has just announced that it’s going to be launching its very own bespoke spa products range – and calling it Aqua Sana. Of course, the range will be used in treatments while you’re at the any of the four UK spas, along with the current Elemis and Decleor ranges, but the great thing is that the range will also be available for retail, so you can buy a few bits and remind yourself of the heavenly treatment you’ve had when you get home, close your eyes and drift back into your own little bathroom spa paradise!

There will be a body wash and a scrub, a delicious body lotion, plus hand wash, hand lotion, shampoo and conditioner to take away. The range, which Center Parcs say has been ‘inspired by nature’ will have lots of delicious essences of nature as well as an Aqua Sana branded signature scent to make sure they will always remind you of your stay…

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