Pampering for the modern man: spa treatments for men

Man having a facial
Spa for the Boys

I love the fact that men are coming out of the (bathroom) closet to admit that they love beauty treatments. There’s nothing nicer than a beautiful man, looking groomed and smelling divine, is there?

There are some great men-only spas like The Refinery that take the idea of a male grooming haven to the next level – I hear they are now offering intimate waxing at The Refinery and it’s quite popular with hygiene-conscious men about town. I don’t think I would ever get my beloved within about ten miles of an intimate waxing but whatever floats your boat.

Spas like the Amida Spa chain are also top of the list when it comes to treating men like royalty and offering them indulgent treatments. Why should us ladies have all the fun? Some of the male grooming spa treatments on offer in Amida Spas include Aromatherapy Associates Facials, Rodial Venom Facials that promise to ‘iron out’ pesky lines and wrinkles, stress-busting massages and treatments to beautify the male back, too. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all good, and knowing how great it feels to be pampered in a spa, I think it’s good to share!

You can book your significant other, brother, father or whoever in for a full Male MOT at a Bannatyne’s Spa and have a manly massage, or book him in for an Urban Cleanse facial, a quick tidy up waxing, or a salon cut and finish.

Send your man away looking like a scruff bag, and get him home looking and smelling delicious, relaxed and rejuvenated. I think I might have to investigate further…

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