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iStock_000011369460XSmall[1]Do you remember when colonics were all the rage? I remember reading that people like Princess Diana swore by them, and back in the nineties it seemed like celebrities were falling over themselves to tell us about their love for the a clean colon...

Unfortunately, the colonic cleanse seems to have fallen out of favour, perhaps due to the unglamorous images we were all subjected to when Gillian McKeith decided to show us all how it was done on 'You are what you eat' – but now the colonic seems to be back 'in'.

I'll be honest, I have been given offered a colonic on two occasions – once in the now defunct Shrubland Hall Health Spa in Suffolk, and a herbal enema at an Ayurvedic Spa in London. Each time I politely declined – I just couldn't do it.

TR-main-2 copyChampneys Medical, based at the gorgeous Champneys Spa in Hertfordshire, are rebranding the whole colonic experience and calling it 'colon hydrotherapy'. It's on their weight loss menu, and to be honest, with the Champneys touch it sounds almost luxurious. A spa colon hydrotherapy treatment is no ordinary colonic, you get the benefit of warm, filtered water which gently flushes the toxins out of your colon, while you enjoy a light tummy massage. This massage also helps to – er – loosen 'accumulated matter'. No need to get too descriptive about that.

Colon therapy is good for anyone having a spa break, as it's good for helping you ease into a detox, and clear pesky headaches, migraines and any nausea. But I'm still way too chicken to try it. Have you had a colonic? How was it for you? And do you think you can tempt me into having a go?

Celeb Snippet: Vidal Sassoon has confessed that, because of a health farm mix up, he was once on the receiving end of a colonic intended for Gore Vidal. How he found out, I really don't know...

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