Get Healthy at Grayshott

Get heatlthy at Grayshott
Get heatlthy at Grayshott

Would you like to give your health a massive boost and tackle issues such as headaches, poor concentration, fluctuating weight or bloating? I know I would. I was really excited to hear that Grayshott has been working on a brand new health programme that’s designed to help you get the spring back in your step just in time for spring – or any time of year, really.

The spa promises that if you just give them seven days, they’ll make an enormous difference to your health and if you want to really push the boat out and stay for 14-21 days the results might even be life-changing!

Grayshott certainly know a thing or two about naturopathic health, after all, it’s what the spa’s approach has always been based around. The fantastic new serious health and maintenance programme is based on award winning professionals’ experience combined with extensive research into the latest scientific knowledge available about digestive health and disorders, with a unique network of specialists on hand as well to give you emotional support and advice during and after the programme.

It’s not all about digestive health though; you can take full advantage of the chance to relax in the beautiful spa, enjoy some gorgeous holistic therapies, get some exercise in, be educated about health and nutrition and generally recharge your batteries and leave feeling absolutely amazing.

The seven-day Grayshott programme includes:

• Personal health consultations

• One-to-one consultations with a medical herbalist and a nutritional therapist

• A food plan that will heal and regenerate your body, (including two semi fast days)

• Abdominal massages, hydro baths and liver compresses to support detoxification processes

• Monitoring and support, physically and emotionally by specialists Gentle exercise, Tai Chi, relaxation and breathing classes

• An educational lecture programme to explain the eating plan and help you plan for on-going maintenance

• Post-departure support

It sounds like just the tonic for busy, stressed people everywhere, whether you have a digestive issue that needs resolving or not.

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