Botox your headache away…

Botox injection
Botox your headache away…

I’m a bit of a martyr to my headaches, which have an annoying habit of morphing into full-on migraines too if I’m not careful. So it’s interesting to read that the NHS is one step closer to giving out Botox for the relief of chronic migraine. I don’t think I could quite call myself a chronic migraineur (the Migraine Association’s term for someone afflicted with the condition) but at the same time, it’s good to know that the NHS are taking migraines a bit more seriously and not just throwing pills at people.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence, or NICE, has recommended that Botox jabs could be given out to adults, after thinking about it for quite some time. It won’t just be a case of going to your GP and complaining of a migraine though, it really is for chronic sufferers who’ve tried other prescribed preventative medication already. As a friend of mine said, “Get rid of your migraines and look slightly surprised about it!”

If you’re a bit headache-prone, there is also a chance you might be magnesium deficient! According to studies, magnesium is often deficient in people who suffer with a lot of headaches and migraines, and treating the deficiency can cut the number of sore heads right down. Magnesium Oil spray is something I’m trying at the moment, after a particularly bad two-day migraine last week.

Another great headache cure, of course, is a relaxing massage. Massage therapy has been studies by experts and in trials it’s been shown to reduce tension headaches especially, so if you’re afflicted, what better excuse do you need to book a spa day? Meanwhile, here’s a great video with a few tips on massaging your headache away…

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