Are you Sun Cream Aware?

Are you Sun Cream Aware?
Are you Sun Cream Aware?

Yes, I know we didn't think we’d need to worry about the sun this year, but at last it’s summertime! Time to dig out that bottle of SPF30 from last year? No…

We all know we’re supposed to apply sun cream, but did you know that it goes out of date within a year, and so that bottle you bought for your holiday last summer is actually worse than useless? Most sun protection products won’t be any good at blocking out UV if you've had them for 12 months. A recent consumer survey by revealed that not many people realise this; a frightening 74.3% of people would pack last year’s leftover sun cream if they were going abroad for a summer trip. beauty editor Emma Leslie says; “Most sun care products are marked 12M, which means that the manufacturer recommends they are only used for up to twelve months after purchase.”

Our advice, and that of the experts, is to make sure you buy new sun cream every summer, and don’t risk your health with out of date sun protection!

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