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Gorgeous on the Outside

Selection of fresh fruit and vegetables
Gorgeous on the outside

It’s not a new idea, that you can eat your way to looking good. I’ve been looking into a few ways that you can get gorgeous on the outside and on the inside at the same time, so if you can’t afford a trip to a spa for a facial, try a few tweaks to your diet and you’ll soon be glowing …

Dried Out

Don’t be afraid of fat – not the good fats anyway. If you have dry skin, eat it back to nourished radiance with essential fatty acids. These nutrients are found in nuts, seeds and oily fish, and they help to hydrate your skin and help to fight inflammation which also makes them a number one go-to food for eczema or dermatitis sufferers.

Make sure you dose up on B Vitamins too, by eating your fill of broccoli, bananas, brown rice and mushrooms. All of these pack a hefty vitamin B punch. B vitamins are your skin’s little helpers – they deliver the nutrients it needs and take away the waste products it doesn’t, and the boost to skin cells’ turnover helps get rid of flaky skin and dry patches.

Sometimes, an overgrowth of the ‘bad’ bacteria in the gut can lead to flushed or dry skin. Try taking probiotics, eating probiotic yoghurt or drinks and you might find that your skin starts to look better.

Lined Up

If the passing of time is starting to show on your face, and the pesky fine lines are making an appearance, don’t reach for the anti-wrinkle cream straight away…your kitchen cupboards could be just as useful in the battle against ageing!

Vitamin E is the skincare hero of choice for anti-ageing; eat enough avocado, nuts, olive oil and sunflower seeds and your body will build up some useful little stores in the fatty layers of your skin which will help to make it look plump and fuller.

Vitamin C is another essential for young-looking skin, as it’s used in the production of collagen, which keeps your skin looking young. Get a dose of the big ‘C’ from peppers, broccoli, citrus and kiwi fruits.

Selenium should also be on your menu for girlish beauty as it’s a great nutritional weapon in the fight against ageing. It helps to protect your skin cells against the onslaught of free radicals, and helps preserve the collagen fibres within your skin, keeping it nice and smooth. It’s easy to get your fill of selenium with eggs, tuna and prawns and Brazil nuts all being excellent sources.

I’m off to make myself a tuna and egg sandwich, with my yoghurt and banana for lunch!

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