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Zero-Balance Therapy
Ask Spa Goddess Sarah –What on earth is Zero Balancing?

I’ve had an email from Jessica in Nottingham, who’s off to Champneys Springs Health Farm next month and wants to try something a bit different.

“I’ve always fancied trying holistic therapies, and I noticed that Springs offers a few, including Zero Balancing – but I don’t really know much about it. What is it and can you have it if you’re pregnant?”

Well, Zero Balancing is an energy therapy, along the lines of Reiki, which works to put your body back into balance. It works on the theory that it’s IM-balances in the body’s energy system that lead to illness and disease, and so not only does putting everything back in its place help your body to deal with any existing problems, but it helps prevent further ones. The therapist takes a look at your body as a whole, rather than just concentrating on one area.

It’s a very gentle therapy which uses touch to conduct healing energy through ‘key points’ on the body. So, if you book in for Zero Balancing, you have to be prepared to be touched, as although it’s extremely gentle, it’s also very hands-on. Treatments are carried out fully clothed – wear something loose and comfy, trousers are better than a skirt. The therapist usually starts with you sitting and works with gentle pressure and stretches on your back and shoulders, then you’ll probably lie down while the rest of the treatment is carried out.

Zero Balancing is a very calming, relaxing therapy, although sometimes it can be a bit emotional as the physical act of putting your body back into balance has been known to release long held emotions linked to injuries – for example if you hurt yourself badly in an accident, some time ago, but your posture has always been affected slightly by the injury, re-balancing your body can trigger unconscious feelings linked to the accident. It doesn’t happen to everyone but it’s not unusual to shed a few tears, giggle or react unconsciously to what’s going on. Just go with the flow!

It’s fine to have a Zero Balancing treatment after the first trimester of pregnancy, although it’s not recommended in the early stages. It’s also not recommended if you’ve had a very recent injury, or some neurological conditions, but on the whole it’s great for improving wellbeing, working on long-held injuries and getting rid of stress. Therapists usually suggest three sessions as the optimum to get you feeling on top of the world again. Let me know how you get on!

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