Top Five Spa Treatments Right Now

Top Five Spa Treatments Right Now
Top Five Spa Treatments Right Now

Are you a first time spa-goer, not really sure about what you try when you book your first ever spa break? Or do you just fancy trying something different? The best way to pick a new spa treatment, when they all sound a wee bit confusing to the uninitiated, is to go where others have gone before and find the things that are most popular.

The top spa treatments of 2011 have recently been released online, the on-trend, must-try spa therapies. Try one of these out and see what you think!

• Shirodhara: It might be thousands of years old but Ayurveda has had something of a spa revival since the noughties and Shirodhara is the place to start. It’s amazingly soothing, involves a therapist dripping warm oil on your forehead, and as well as being a stress-buster, it also conditions your hair beautifully.

• Shellac Manicures: I am so going to have to have one of these next time I go to a UK spa. More and more spas now offer these as a long-lasting alternative to gel or acrylic nails that gives you fabulous colour which can last several weeks.

• Acupressure: Needle phobics can get the benefits of acupuncture without the pesky needles. A therapist applies pressure to your energy pathways (also known as meridians) which is great for rebalancing and healing. Acupressure is also good for people who have migraines, allergies and arthritis.

• Cupping: Gwyneth Paltrow started something by appearing with cupping marks on her back - cupping is a very old Chinese therapy that’s supposed to move stagnant blood, helping with pain and tension.

• Boy Treatments: I see men on every spa day I go on, and as well as basic spa treatments, they seem to love anything a bit different, like golf ball massages, hot towel shaves, and man-only facials.

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