Ten reasons we all love our Mum

Ten reasons we all love our Mum
Ten reasons we all love our Mum

As if we needed reminding, but with Mother’s Day coming up, I thought it would be a great idea to list all the reasons we adore our mums. Feel free to add your own if I miss out your favourite!

1. You can always rely on your mum. Remember when you scraped your knee as a child, or when your first boyfriend dumped you? What about when you were off to University and she got you that box of bits and pieces you needed and included your favourite biscuits as well as toilet cleaner? Even as you get older – when you get married, when you have your first baby, it’s Mum you’ll turn to for a hug, a pep talk or some advice…

2. Baking. Cooking. Did your mum teach you to cook? I credit my ability to make something out of almost nothing in the fridge or micro-manage a full roast dinner and dessert to my mum.

3. Wisdom. Whatever you’re going through, the chances are Mum has been there before or at the very least knows someone who has. If not, she’ll let you talk about it and give you words of Mum wisdom while you get it out of your system.

4. Babysitting. Every child needs a granny, and a granny who looks after them while you’re at the spa, doing the shopping or just having a break is worth her weight in gold.

5. Inspiration. My Mum is the most positive person I know. When I’m in the doldrums she’ll tell me it’s all going to sort itself out and to be positive. She travels to Cambodia, Australia and all over the place on her own, she’ll do anything for anyone and I think she’s busier now since she retired than when she worked full time.

6. Girly time. As you get older and your mum becomes a friend instead of the woman who didn’t let you wear your best shoes to school, you realise just how much you have in common, and she becomes a friend, someone you go to the pictures with, drink coffee with and go shopping with. Perfect company for a spa pamper day too!

7. She knows you well enough to be honest. Even if you don’t want her to be. It was Mum who told you that your teenage best friend was bad news, that the boyfriend who broke your heart was a wrong ‘un…and even now, she’ll be the one who tells you that you’re looking tired, and suggests you take care of yourself. Somehow, Mum always gets away with suggesting you need to lose a bit of weight, where your boyfriend or husband would get a mammoth strop for suggesting the same thing.

8. She reminds you of all the good bits of your childhood – right when you need reminding. So you can head over to Mum’s when you’re feeling down and sometimes just the smell of her perfume, her room freshener, or her cooking takes you back home…

9. Shopping. Mums make great shopping buddies. Not only are they honest enough to tell you that the colour doesn’t really suit you, but they value your company too, and love hanging out doing girly things. If you’re lucky she might even treat you to a coffee after you’ve done your retail therapy!

10. She made you who you are! So if that’s a good thing, and I’m sure it is, celebrate it!

Show your Mum how much you care with some girl time this Mother’s Day. Mums rarely treat themselves, so why not spoil her with a spa voucher? After all, she did tell you that your teenage boyfriend wasn’t good enough for you. And she was right…

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