Spa Goddess Sarah loves…the Elemis airport Spa experience!

Spa Goddess Sarah loves…the Elemis airport Spa experience!
Spa Goddess Sarah loves…the Elemis airport Spa experience!

I'm sorely tempted to try and talk the man into booking a holiday, somewhere that flies out of Heathrow, since I've heard the news that British Airways and Elemis are working together to give stressed out travellers a spa treatment in some of their lounges.

I always love to chill out in the lounge when I'm at the airport anyway, it doesn't usually cost too much and if I have Sophia with me it stops the relentless "I want one of those" we get if she sees the big Toblerone displays and chocolate mountains that they like to tempt us with. She loves the free snacks and juices and I love the fact we can sit in the lounge away from all the hurrying people. The man loves it because he gets to dump the hand luggage and wander off to look at gadgets he doesn't need – anything involving repelling mosquitos with a zapper is a sure fire winner.

Anyway, to add to the appeal, Elemis are going to be opening up travel spas at

• Heathrow Terminal 5 - Departures South

• T5B

• Arrivals, London Heathrow Terminal 3

Freebies will be on offer for First and Club World customers and Gold Executive Club members flying long haul. Sadly I don't qualify for a freebie just yet but I'm hoping if I collect a few air miles I might be eligible for a shot at one of Elemis' fabulous 15 minute spa treatments, which have all been exclusively designed for British Airways .

The treatments in the departure lounges are all primed to help you relax ahead of your flight, and arrivals treatments are all about energising and uplifting.

Where's my passport….?

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