Spa Days for Tearaways?

Spa Days for Tearaways?
Spa Days for Tearaways?

I love Canada. I was lucky enough to have been able to spend three weeks in Alberta and Ontario a few years ago and of course, I managed to fit in a spa day - in the adorable Willow Stream Spa in the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. I went in the winter and it was magical. So I have fond memories of Canada and Canadians.

I’m not sure what I think about their latest idea though. A spa in Vancouver is offering freebies to people who admit to taking part in the Vancouver riots in June this year. The deal is that Eccotique Spa is giving away treatments costing up to $50 to anyone who promises to turn themselves in to police following their spa treatment!

The spa’s owners are adamant that the idea isn’t about free publicity for the spa (not much) but in fact it’s rooted in a desire for social justice and a lure to get as many people as possible to be punished for their actions. So their media strategy doesn’t seem to have worked very well so far, as they’ve had a lot of publicity, a lot of it negative, but not one person has ‘fessed up yet...

Am I being a bit unfair to the spa, do you think? I know how people in the UK get aerated about ‘soft’ options for criminals and sending young offenders on day trips but maybe a bit of relaxation in a UK spa would calm potential offenders down enough to stop them getting involved in riots in the first place? If people learn how to relax and chill out, they might not get the urge to go looting shoe shops and setting fire to buildings for fun?

Or is it just a daft idea thought up for publicity?

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