Last Rays of summer

Last Rays of summer
Last Rays of summer

How brilliant was the unexpected sunshine at the end of September? I know it feels like a distant memory now and the jumpers are back on, but it always makes me feel so great having a little bit of extra sunshine. The knowledge that it’s probably the last bit we’ll get until the sun peeps out from behind the daffodils in March is enough to make me want to reach for the hot chocolate, but I’m determined that this year I won’t put on an extra half a stone in hibernation padding.

I’m going to take advice from some of the best spas in the UK and try and stay fit over the winter, and also make sure that I fit in a few spa days so that when I get rid of the jumpers after a long winter (did you read that we’re in for a cold one again this year?) the skin underneath will be beautifully exfoliated and not dull and itchy from too much central heating.

One of my favourite at-home spa ranges is the gorgeous Sanctuary Spa range which has been available in Boots for many years. They are always bringing out new products and it’s just too easy to fill up the bathroom with them. Another great range is Dead Sea Magik – these delectable products are so amazingly good for your skin, and easy to find at from Holland and Barrett. My favourite is the Salt Scrub – I always have a tub of this in my bathroom as it makes my skin so soft and smells delicious too.

Of course, a sneaky pamper day here and there also does wonders for your skin, and it certainly puts me in a good mood, escaping off to a spa for a bit of a pamper. What are your favourite at-home (and in-spa) beauty treats?

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