It’s National Spa Week!

It’s National Spa Week!
It’s National Spa Week!

Well, what better excuse do you need to book yourself a spa day than a national week, dedicated to my favourite activity? I thought I’d give you a list of five very good reasons why you need to book yourself a spa break right now.

  1. You can get brilliant deals on spa days, spa breaks and all associated lovely spa things if you book through SpaSeekers. I know, I would say that, but with almost 400 spas on the site and a massive selection of deals and offers, you really can’t go wrong. Trust me.
  2. Because a pamper day will cheer anyone up. It’s been a hard year – disasters, untimely celebrity deaths and grotty politics – say ‘stuff it’ to the doom and gloom and book in for a day. You can’t do anything about it, so just forget it and bliss out instead.
  3. You deserve it.  We all work hard, whether we’re hard working spa writers like me or stay at home mums; busy dads or just generally always on the go people. A trip to a spa gives you valuable time to unwind, and treat yourself.
  4. It’s good for your health! Relaxation is something most of us don’t get enough of, so taking the time out to relax body and mind is a massive bonus. Massage therapies are good for your wellbeing, spa food is always healthy and delicious, and there’s usually a gym and a pool to take care of fitness.
  5. It’s great for bonding. Take a friend, a partner, parent, daughter or son and spend some time just relaxing together. Couples love to have treatments together so lots of spas have dual therapy rooms too. Chilling out in a spa, experiencing a treatment, the steam room or Jacuzzi together, then having a delicious spa meal can be a lovely romantic date!

Are you convinced yet?

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