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It seems as if everyone thinks they can open a spa these days. There are kiddy spas opening up in the USA, The Kid Spa in Florida leads the way in initiating very young girls into having their nails done, and salons and spas across the States are queuing up to offer tiny tots manicures and facials before they can so much as spell the word ‘exfoliate’.

Now I’ve heard that ‘Hello Kitty’ is opening up a spa in Dubai. If you, like me, have a little one who is super-obsessed with all things Hello Kitty, you’d better keep your fingers crossed that the trend doesn’t make its way over here. It’s expensive enough paying out for little lady’s birthday parties as it is, let alone Hello Kitty themed spa days!

The spas do ‘Kitty-cures’ which are manicures for little girls, as well as trying to appeal to big girls who should probably know better with a range of ‘Princess’ and ‘Queen’ pampering treatments. To be honest – you wouldn’t catch me within ten miles of a Hello Kitty themed spa myself. I like my treatments and chill out time to be taken in a grown up, luxurious and relaxing environment, and as much as I’m a fan of all things pink and girly, you can most definitely have too much of a good thing in my opinion.

The Hello Kitty spas have been professionally designed by famous interior designers and are very, very pink. Apparently, if the Dubai spa is a big success, the brand hopes to open up more kitty-themed pink and sparkly spas all over the world. Be afraid, ladies, be very afraid…

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