Gimme a spa break!

Gimme a spa break!
Well, last week was all very exciting; I have to confess I did shed a little tear watching the Royal Wedding on TV last Friday. I didn’t manage to convince him indoors that we should go up to London with Sophia and wave flags at the procession, he talked me out of that and so to make up for it, he’s promised me that we can get away for a couple of days this week instead.

Ever keen to find out what’s going on in the world of spas, I thought I’d do some research into spa hotels. Well you don’t think I’d go away without a spa to relax in, do you? Don’t be daft! I think when you go away to a spa hotel, you have to be a bit careful, as the definition of ‘spa’ can vary from one place to another. I went to a spa in Hungary a few years ago, and the facilities consisted of just a pool, and a room with a treadmill and a massage table in it. To be brutally honest with you, the ‘sports massage’ I had counts as one of the most uncomfortable spa treatments I’ve ever had! But things tend to be a bit more upmarket in hotel spas in the UK and you can find some delightful little country house hotels with views to die for and a spa to chill out in.

I don’t know whether to stay a bit local, I’m always partial to spending time in Grayshott Hall...or to go further afield and see what deals I can find. At the moment, there are some fabulous two for one spa deals that I’m sorely tempted to look into – like Mercure Hotels, who are doing deals on spa days in locations like Aberdeen, Bristol, Cardiff and Shrewsbury. I quite fancy travelling south, so Bristol might be an option. Watch this space!

Are you taking the whole week off? Are you off to a spa? Which spa is your favourite?

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