Best Spa Booking Agency – of course we are!

Best Spa Booking Agency – of course we are!
Best Spa Booking Agency – of course we are!

Being SpaSeekers’ resident blogger obviously means that I think they are great – but it would seem that I’m not the only one. In case you missed the announcement, we’ve just won a fabulous accolade - you, the lovely spa-going public, have voted SpaSeekers the Top Spa Booking Agency in the UK! We were nominated by panel at the SPA Traveller – and the votes were all cast by members of the public.

We’re so chuffed about this prize, you wouldn’t believe it. I already know that the SpaSeekers reputation is good, and that people love the spa deals they can get, and that was reinforced just last week when I was chatting to a hairdresser in Brentwood, Essex about my job. When I told her that I worked for SpaSeekers and that I got to review spas as part of my job (what a terrible job), she said excitedly, “SpaSeekers? I love them – they have some amazing deals.” It turned out that she’d booked a pamper day at Clarice House in Colchester and was really looking forward to it, so I also filled her in on how lovely the spa was...while she filled me in on doing the TOWIE girls’ hair!

I’m not making that up – I was just there chatting to her while she was dyeing my hair for another magazine feature I was working on. I think people love the spa voucher system, which doesn’t tie you down to any specific spa until you’ve made your mind up, making it ideal for a gift for somebody as well. Of course, the sheer amazing value of the spa breaks and other deals makes us popular with a cash-strapped public.

Last but not least, the brilliant service SpaSeekers gives its customers is why so many of you come back again and again!

From all at SpaSeekers – a BIG thank you!

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For 25 years, Spa Seekers have been helping people throughout the UK to relax, refresh and revive at the very best spas.

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