Top Fitness Tips for Christmas

Top Fitness Tips for Christmas
Top Fitness Tips for Christmas

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a bit of indulgence – but we all know how those Quality Street, mulled wine and mince pies can leave us with that icky bloated feeling and too tight jeans. And there’s never any time to fit in a spa day with all that relative-visiting. Even the gym has to take a back seat. Oops.

I’ve been speaking to Neil Johnson, Neil Johnson, Celebrity Personal Trainer at The Chelsea Club spa in London, who reckons we can actually get through Christmas without putting on a single pound - in fact, with his tips, he says we can even lose weight in time for all those New Year’s Eve parties.

Interested? Me too! Neil says:

Shop ‘til you drop:

Music to every woman’s ears! Christmas shopping can be extremely beneficial to your figure and without it feeling like a workout. Brisk walking around a shopping centre - no cheating with leisurely strolls; you have presents to get - can burn between 3.5 and 7 calories per minute. So if you spend two hours trawling the shops for the perfect jumper for your Aunt Mary, you'll have burned anywhere from 500 to 800 calories. Just imagine how toned your arms will be after you’ve been carrying bags full of treats and goodies for all the family…

Walk the walk:

Don’t circle the shopping mall car park looking for a space close to the door. Instead add to the exercise bonanza and parkas far away from the door as you can and add a good few minutes of walking time to the shops and back. It’s even better if you can add a few flights of stairs thrown in too. Exercise reduces our stress levels, even gentle walking, as endorphins (happy hormones) are released so you’ll feel less panicked as you head for the bustling stores too.

Get into the Christmas spirit:

A spot of festive decorating can help pay off some Christmas dinner sins. A sweaty hour of climbing up and down ladders and hoisting strings of lights and garlands can burn up to 250 calories. Add the hours spent cleaning the house from top to bottom so it is fit for royalty (or your Mother!) and you will be able to have that extra helping of Christmas pudding no problem!

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