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Stand Up Straight!


I don ‘t know where it started, maybe it was Mad Men, maybe it’s the way we’re all going retro with the Diamond Jubilee this year…but whatever it is, standing up straight, good posture and ‘holding yourself well’ seem to be buzzwords in fashion. Tailoring is back in, after decades of grunge, combats, leggings, boho skirts and loose jeans, and if you want to be able to carry off the finishing school look, you need to be able to walk tall and stand up straight.

My posture isn’t all it could be, probably through years of spending my working days hunched up over a laptop! When I had my massage at the London Marriott County Hall recently, the lovely masseur mentioned that I held a lot of tension in my right shoulder especially, and the pinging noise it made as he sorted it out only proved that he knew what he was talking about.

I’ve always wanted to try Pilates properly, and I’m thinking of having lessons locally to see if I can stop the inevitable shoulder crunching and neck pinging that happens with my job. I try not to slouch – and the nice lady on the Wii fit yoga programme tells me that my posture is amazing but I think she’s just saying that to be nice. It will be great to stretch myself out and work on my posture, so that I can glide around like the stylish women on Mad Men, and look the business in a business suit. Smart tailoring doesn’t really lend itself to slouching and you never see Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) or Don Draper (Jon Hamm) looking droopy do you?

Another good way to realign your posture is the Alexander Technique, which you probably won’t find in smaller spas but you could try a taster at one of the bigger health spas like Champneys. Virgin Active Health Clubs have also recently introduced Beaming, a new balance-based fitness class that helps with balance, co-ordination and core strength, and is available for anyone try out on a spa day.

Either that or you could do what Jackie Magazine advised, circa 1978, and wander around the house balancing books on your head. Not sure how well that would work with a Kindle…

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