Making weight loss personal at Champneys

Making weight loss personal at Champneys
Making weight loss personal at Champneys

I know I’ve been to a spa hoping that I’ll lose a bit of weight while I’m there, and telling myself that this time I WILL use the gym, and not just half heartedly sit daydreaming in the whirlpool thinking about whether the hydrotherapy jets are breaking down my cellulite.

Well, maybe I’ll get serious about weight loss one day, and try out the fabulous brand new Ki personalised weight loss systems that have just been introduced to Champneys. Ki (pronounced ‘key’) did extensive research into the science of energy balance and weight loss to come up with a clinically proven weight loss system that’s now available as part of the Champneys Weight Management and Fit Camp spa packages. The system works on your personal data instead of just an average, and involves you wearing an armband that shows you how many calories you burn – even in your sleep! The team at Champneys uses the data from the armband to help you lose weight and get fitter while you’re on your spa break.

Champneys Fitness and Wellbeing Director Louise Day believes that the Ki Fit Monitors really motivate guests because they give them real time information about their personal performance. She says, “The results have been phenomenal and we are seeing guests exceed their fitness and weight loss goals.”

Personally, my lazy brain homed in on the part about burning calories while I was asleep...must try harder! You can also get the armbands online but Champneys guests do get a preferential rate. Dare I try a Ki armband? Well, it will soon be time for the ‘slim into the Christmas dress’ diets...maybe someone will invite me to Champneys and I can give it a go?

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