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gym bunnyI don’t know about you, but I’m a bit of a gym bunny on the quiet. I haven’t always been, but I love checking out the gym when I’m on a spa break, and I’m a member of a gym close to where I live too. The only thing is, when it gets to this time of year, is that I often sit there on the exercise bike, watching out of the window, looking at the sunshine and wishing there was some way I could exercise outside.

Someone in Westminster must have been thinking the same thing, because apparently, Westminster City Council are planning a outdoor gym and sports facility at Paddington Recreation Ground, in London. The open-air workout haven will have at least ten pieces of equipment – all absolutely free to use – including treadmills, bikes and even tai-chi balance discs. There’s already an assault course, running track and a normal, indoor gym with a pool on the site, but the new facilities (costing around £113,000) will be an added bonus for people like me who quite fancy the idea of a gym workout in the sunshine.

I’m not convinced it will get much use in the winter months, but I think it’s a great idea, and love the thought of being able to soak up the summer sunshine while getting my daily fitness fix. What do you think – would you use a facility like this?

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