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I’m rediscovering my inner gym bunny again after spending ages dithering about joining a gym. I love the buzz I get from a really good workout, but I seemed to have let it go in the last few months as deadlines, drab weather and a general lack of energy consigned me to ‘thinking’ about joining a gym and never actually getting past the thinking stage.

I’ve finally done it though – I found one that has virtual reality treadmills so that I can run through the Canadian Rockies or even Northern Italy and Venice when I’m practising for my Race for Life.

Gyms in spas are usually a good barometer of what’s ‘in’ in the world of fitness. You can find all the latest equipment and newest fitness classes there first. Some of the massive gym chains like Greens, Virgin Active and Bannatyne’s Health Clubs have state of the art gyms which are a real treat to work out in if you still think a gym has to be sweaty and dull. Most spa gyms have the technology to make your workout more inspiring – cardio machines with ipod docks, built in TV and interactive displays that enable you to record your workout and even post it to Twitter!

A spa day is a pretty good way to test out a gym and see if you fancy joining, too. You get all the benefits of a lovely day in the spa, and most pamper days also give you a chance to sample the gym and class facilities too, so you can drop in and see how you get on with the machines. The best thing is that there’s absolutely no pressure if you try out a gym this way – so if you wanted to book your day in, for example, a Greens gym, you could see whether you enjoy it and then if you do, simply find another gym locally where you can work out, and keep the spa day for massages and facials!

As for me – I’m so excited to have a TRX, Power Plates and ViPR at my disposal that I might be letting a few deadlines slip over the next few weeks …

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