Don’t be a Keep Fit Fail!

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Don’t be a Keep Fit Fail!

Next time you get the urge to work out in the front room, whether it’s to a fitness DVD, playing on the Wii or just with some equipment you’ve bought online, think carefully first! According to leading insurers, esure, people working out in the comfort of their own home cause £2.1 billion worth of damage in just the last year. Whoops!

With the Olympic comedown still inspiring us to get our fitness groove on, but the recession, chilly weather and inflation getting in the way of some of our ambitions to go out and run or join a gym, it’s tempting to give home fitness a chance. The trouble is, most of our living rooms really aren’t set up for a gym work out, and things like coffee tables and rugs do tend to scupper our routines if they are left in the wrong place.

A study revealed that of the 62 per cent of us who’ve given home workouts a try, 26 per cent had somehow managed to cause at least £200 worth of accidental damage. Even worse, almost 20 per cent hurt themselves too, while they were at it!

I can vouch for the ‘watch what you’re doing’ aspect of home fitness. After being given the ABBA ‘Let’s Dance’ game for the Wii this year, I decided it was the ideal thing to have a go at while the curtains were closed and everyone was out at work or school. Bad move. I had a whale of a time dancing to ‘Money Money Money’ and the rest, then went to pull the coffee table back into position when I’d had enough and ‘ping’ – I felt something go in my back and couldn’t walk properly for three days. It soon cleared up, but the Wii and I are no longer on good terms…

If you feel the urge to leap around in your living room, don’t become another insurance statistic; make sure anything breakable, knockable or trip-overable is moved well out of your way, check you have enough room to safely carry out the work out, and don’t forget to bend your knees properly when you’re moving furniture…

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