Celebrity fitness techniques to try during your next spa break

Celebrities may make peak physical fitness look effortless, as they fight the baddies on screen and take to the red carpet looking flawlessly fab. But those toned physiques take plenty of hard work! If you’re ready to get in shape like your favourite film stars, here is how a spa break or spa day can get you on the way to that A-list body…

Start your fitness journey in the spa's pool 

Swimming is a great all-round exercise. It offers cardio, resistance and strength training, while being easy on the joints. As such, it is a great option if you are getting back into exercise after a break, or for staying in shape if you have limited mobility (check with your doctor first, of course). It’s also really fun! If lengths aren’t your thing, try aqua-aerobics.

In the celebrity world, Natalie Portman found great success in the pool while preparing for her lead role in the acclaimed 2010 ballet-themed film, Black Swan. She reportedly found that swimming a mile each day helped her to build up her endurance, while allowing her to work the muscles needed to pull off some of those incredible dance moves.

While Jason Statham may be best known for his lead roles in full-on Hollywood action flicks, flashback to 1990 and he was on the diving squad during the Commonwealth Games, a position he held for 12 years. Famous for his muscular build, Statham owes much of this to his continual love for the water, making the most of a combination of water exercises, Scuba diving and resistance training. 

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  • In addition to an inviting 12m indoor pool, The Grand Hotel in East Sussex is right on the seafront, so it’s perfect for a bracing early morning dip!

Give your muscles a workout in the gym

For many, Christian Bale’s transformation to the bulked-up Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is seen as one of the best examples of bodybuilding in a relatively short time (and Bale’s dedication to his craft). His 2005 film The Machinist had him weighing in at a stick-thin 120lbs, but by the time Batman Begins hit cinemas the same year, he was 220lbs of crime-fighting muscle, ready to become the saviour of Gotham City. So how did he do it?

To achieve this level of fitness, interval circuit training is often cited as the most effective form of exercise. For Bale, this would have come in the form of weights and plyometric workouts, which are also popular with boxers. This would make sense when you take into consideration the level of close-quarters, hand-to-hand combat that takes place in the Batman films. It was important that he not only looked the part, but was able to spar and parry with all those bad guys.

If you’re new to circuit or weight training, it’s important not to overdo it. Always make sure you know how the equipment works and ask the gym professionals for advice about the best workout regime based on your fitness level and goals. Start slow and work your way up to superhero status!

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  • The Bannatyne Health Clubs offer a wide range of spa treatments and facilities that include spacious, state-of-the-art gyms.

Get fit one-on-one with a personal trainer 

Nothing says ‘celebrity workout’ like a personal trainer. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to enjoy some professional one-on-one training. Most gyms will give you the option to book sessions with a trainer (for an extra charge) and you can also book sessions privately; just make sure the trainer you choose is fully trained. If you’re looking to kickstart your fitness, a session with a trainer can put you on the right track by suggesting the right types of exercise and a schedule to help you meet your goals, from weight loss to running a marathon.

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  • The Spirit Health Clubs offer terrific spa facilities and very well equipped gyms, with the option to have a consultation with a personal trainer.


 Unwind like a pro with a spa sauna and massage

For athletes and actors who need to train day after day to achieve a specific body ideal, recovery is a vital step because it lessens the chances of injury and helps the body get ready for the next workout session.

A relaxing massage can soothe your muscles and reduce the effects of the burn after your session. Alternatively, a robust sports massage can address any injuries you’ve sustained during your session. Likewise, stepping into the sauna straight after cardio or strength training can be an effective way to ease your body back into a more comfortable state, while you sweat out the toxins. In this hot and steamy environment, your body works harder to pump blood, increase the rate of sweating and adjust to the heat, all of which burns energy (so, it’s a bit like a fitness freebie that works even after you’ve finished your workout). Just make sure you stay well hydrated and don’t stay in the steam too long. Ten minutes is more than enough for newbies.

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  • With a gym, tennis courts, 18m pool and dance studios, The Academy Spa in North Yorkshire has all you need for your ideal workout, whether you want a gentle gym session or some high-intensity training. Finish off with a soothing massage and some relaxation in the steam room or sauna.

Ready to get active? Or has just reading this made you want to indulge in some hardcore relaxation? Either way, give us a call and let us help you plan the perfect spa experience.



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