Celebrity Workouts to Try in the Gym During Your Spa Break

How do celebrities manage to look so great both on and off camera? The secret is having a great workout regime backed up with a collection of treatments and pampering packages that will help them stay in shape while giving their skin and body a natural, healthy glow.

You can make the most of our spas’ gym facilities whenever you book a deluxe pamper day at one of our hotels with a gym, so why not follow our celebrity workout routines followed by some sauna time and a pampering package so you can look and feel like you’re ready to walk down the red carpet.

Every celebrity has their own workout method to maintain their famous looks, so taking inspiration from some of your favourites can help give you an idea of how to go about achieving the look you’re going for. Here are just a few ways that the pros got their signature looks.


Work your muscles in the spa’s pool 

Swimming offers a great way to give your entire body a workout, subjecting your body to heightened levels of resistance, meaning that every bit of your body ends up working harder and giving great results at the same time. This is why it’s chosen by a lot of celebrities that want to bridge the gap between looking great and being in great shape without looking like they spend every waking second at the gym.

Natalie Portman found great success in the pool while filming the surrealist dance film Black Swan. To maintain a perfect figure for ballet training she found that swimming a mile every day helped her build up her endurance while allowing her to work the muscles needed to pull off some of the incredible moves that would satisfy filmgoers and dance critics alike. This would of course be met with the physically challenging hours of rehearsal and training both between takes and on-camera, but swimming kept the actor in peak shape to be able to achieve this.  

Another advocate for hitting the pool is none other than Jason Staham; nowadays he’s best known for playing the lead in a number of action flicks, but flashback to 1990 and he was on Britain’s National Diving Squad during the Commonwealth Games, a position he held for 12 years. Famous for his muscular build, Staham owes much of this to his continual love for the water, making the most of a combination of water exercises, Scuba diving and resistance training. 


Bulk-up like Batman 

For a lot of leading Hollywood actors, a toned physique often becomes one of the most memorable parts of their character and performance; while Peter Cushing had Shakespearian and years of stage training, he never topped anyone’s ‘sexiest actor’ list. Getting a body like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Hugh Jackman takes work, time and effort, but finding the right training regime is the key to great results.

For many, Christian Bale’s transformation to the bulked-up Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is seen as one of the best examples of bodybuilding in a relatively short time, showing off Bale’s dedication to his craft. His 2004 film The Machinist had him weighing in at a stick-thin 120lbs, but by the time Batman Begins hit cinemas in 2006 he was 220lbs of crime-fighting muscle, ready to become the saviour of Gotham City. So how did he do it?

To achieve this level of fitness, interval circuit training is often cited as the most effective form of exercise. For Christian Bale this would have come in the form of daily martial arts training such as plyometric workouts, which are also popular with boxers. This would also make sense when you take into consideration the amount of close-quarters, hand-to-hand combat that takes place in the Batman films- it was important that he not only looked the part, but was able to spar and parry with all those stunt doubles for the camera.

While this might not be achievable in a spa gym, a combination of cardio vascular and strength training will have a similar effect.

Alternatively, to get a physique like Christian Bale in American Hustle, eat a lot of pasta. 



Make the most of personal trainers

One thing most celebrity workouts have in common is the use of a personal trainer to achieve the best results. Not only is a personal trainer there to motivate you to exercise beyond the point that your own body usually prefers to stop, but they are also masters of strategy when it comes to deciding when to workout, how and for how long. Ensuring a consistent approach to fitness is one of the key factors to achieving a ‘million-dollar’ look.

However there’s more to getting the celebrity look than just hitting the gym and a carefully chosen dietary plan to accompany your workout makes the difference between good results and great results. Many personal trainers are also qualified dieticians and will be able to recommend a bespoke dietary plan for your needs.

If you would like your gym visit to be accompanied by a personal trainer, feel free to contact us before booking your stay to check availability at your chosen spa. 



Unwind like a pro with a spa sauna and massage 

Because our Deluxe Pamper Day packages also include a relaxing, full-body massage, you can follow up your workout like a true sporting professional with a full rub-down to soothe your muscles and reduce the effects of the burn after your session. Not only does it make you feel better after a hard workout, but it also helps to speed up your muscles’ recovery

Stepping into the sauna straight after cardio or strength training is a hugely effective way to ease your body back into a more comfortable state after working hard to build muscle and burn fat, while removing toxins from your body in the process. Saunas are also an effective way to burn more calories without technically doing any more work. Your body works harder to pump blood faster, increase the rate of sweating and adjust to the heat, all of which burns energy while doing so. See it as a fitness freebie that works wonders while feeling great after your gym session. 

For athletes and actors that need to train day after day to achieve a specific shape, this is a vital step of the process because it makes it possible to exercise again the next day without being in agonising pain at the same time. If you’ve ever looked at some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and wondered how they manage to get so toned, here’s your answer. 



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