5 simple ways to get more exercise

It’s easy to get so caught up in everyday life that we neglect our health and fitness. If you simply don’t have time to fit in a trip to the gym, or you hate the idea of sacrificing an hour in bed to get out for a morning run, here are a few simple ways in which you can get more regular exercise.

1. Incorporate 10-minute bursts of activity

If setting aside an hour, or even half an hour, a day for exercise is not possible, break your workout down into smaller 10-minute sessions. This may be:

- a brisk walk

- jogging on the spot

- running up and down the stairs

- jumping jacks

- squats, lunges or push-ups

- any other cardio exercise that gets your heart pumping

Regular, short bursts of activity can improve your aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. This type of exercise can also be easily fitted into your daily routine. Take a look at some options here.

2. Stand up!

There are lots of opportunities in life to spend more time standing up than sitting down. For example, on public transport, in a waiting room and when watching TV. While it might not get your heart pumping like a cardio session, sitting less has lots of health benefits. Standing also burns more than twice the number of calories as sitting. If your work is desk-based, consider using a standing desk to help you spend less time sitting down.

4. Go shopping

Often, one of the keys to being consistently more active is doing something you enjoy. That way, you are reaping the health benefits without it feeling like a chore. If you love to shop, getting out to the high street or mall can be a wonderful way to get active. You will be clocking up valuable miles as you browse. While it may not be as much fun, doing the weekly grocery shop can also also improve your strength, tone your muscles and burn fat through carrying those heavy bags. It is important that you do this correctly, however, with the weight balanced evenly in each hand and adopting good posture, in order to avoid injury.

4. Take the stairs

This is one of the easiest ways to get more active, due to the number of times we need to get from one floor to another. Rather than automatically hitting the ‘lift call’ button or standing on the escalator at work or when out and about, take the opportunity to get in some valuable exercise by climbing the stairs. You can also challenge yourself by seeing how many more steps or flights of stairs you can manage as your fitness level improves. Setting realistic goals like this can be a great motivator.

5. Take every opportunity to move

One of the best pieces of advice for getting more active, is to simply be alert to all opportunities to move. Park further away from your destination, get off the bus or train a few stops earlier, walk to the shops rather than drive there, volunteer to walk the dog. These are all easy ways to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine that don't involve carving out specific time from your day.

Make moving more a priority in your life and you’ll be surprised at how much activity you can easily fit into your day without having to don a pair or trainers or set foot in a gym!

This article assumes you are in good general health. If you have any medical issues or are new to exercise, it is important that you consult a doctor before starting any fitness regime or undertaking strenuous activity to make sure it won’t do more harm than good.

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