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If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s worth entering one of our fab SpaSeekers competitions, Craig Yeomans, winner of the competition to win a spa break at the Burnside Hotel Spa in the Lake District, would answer with a resounding, “Yes!”

Craig visited the spa after winning the competition back in October 2011, and although it was a spa break for two, Craig took his bicycle instead as he’d had to rearrange the break and couldn’t find anyone else free to take with him at short notice. It didn’t worry him though – he told us that he managed to see lots of beautiful scenery, as well as enjoy a relaxing massage and facial - and he made sure that he told everyone how great it was when he got home…

Craig said that he had entered the competition because he really wanted a weekend away, with some pampering, good food and fantastic scenery, even though he’d never won anything more than the odd DVD before. When he heard that he’d been lucky enough to win the spa break, he said he thought someone must be playing a joke on him!

After speaking to Mandy at Spaseekers, the feeling soon turned to elation – and he had a big smile on his face for days. We asked Craig about the break.

Why did you feel like a spa break?

“As I do quite a lot of sport, in particular triathlons, my muscles get tight and tense. A spa break with a massage and use of a steam room and sauna was just the ticket to ease the tension away - and it did!”

On a scale of 1-10 - how much did you need a spa break?

“I'd say about 8 out of 10. Aside from muscle tension I have recently suffered a family bereavement, so the break did me the world of good.”

What were you looking forward to most?

“I think just being in The Lakes, surrounded by all the beautiful countryside - and of course being pampered for the whole weekend!”

What did you think of the Burnside Hotel?

“The Burnside Hotel is situated in an elevated position, so from my room I had amazing views of Lake Windermere . If I'm honest, the decor seems more in keeping with the older generation – all deep red carpets and squeaky floorboards. Although to be fair, while I was there, there were several young families too, and I found the building charming.

“My room was light and airy, clean with a comfortable bed and great view. The staff were always helpful, friendly and courteous and with a variety of meals, all piping hot and delicious. The modern health suite is a welcome addition, with a swimming pool, steam and sauna rooms, spa and of course the treatment rooms.”

“I can honestly say my stay was pretty much perfect and I fully enjoyed the whole experience!”

So don’t just take our word for it – get ‘liking’ SpaSeekers on our Facebook page and you could be our next lucky winner!

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