The Beauty Spot: Kristina Rihanoff, Strictly Come Dancing Star & World-Class Ballroom Dancer

Kristina Rihanoff became a household name in 2008, as a result of touring with the celebrity-studded cast of US reality show ‘Dancing with the Stars’, and starring in the sixth series of the BBC’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ (the inspiration for the before-mentioned, American show) soon afterwards. Kristina also appeared in the current series of Strictly, partnering with James Bond actor, Colin Salmon, who was unfortunately voted off at the beginning of November.

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Even before securing great prevalence through television, Kristina’s fancy footwork was undeniable. Just some of her dancing accolades to date include twice-winning the South African International Latin Championship (2005 and 2006), placing second in the Open to the World Mambo Championship (2003 and 2004), and being first runner up in the US National American Rhythm Finals for three consecutive years (2003-2005).

Around her involvement in Strictly, Kristina has explored her other talents as an instructor, choreographer and even an author. The beauty icon also recently designed and released a makeup pallet in collaboration with MeMeMe cosmetics, named ‘The Kristina Rihanoff Essentials Collection’.

SpaSeekers was lucky enough to be granted an interview with the lovely Kristina, to discuss how to care for skin in the wake of heavy ballroom makeup, and to discover some of her favourite beauty products and treatments.

SpaSeekers’ interview with Kristina Rihanoff

Spa seekers inteview Kristina Rihanoff

Participants in ballroom competitions usually wear a considerable amount of makeup. Do you rely on a particular cleansing routine or product to keep your skin looking beautiful?

Removing makeup after performances is really important for ensuring healthy skin. I always start taking mine off with Dermalogica’s soap-free cleanser. Then I use cotton wool and a Sisley cream cleanser to remove any final traces and to restore my skin’s balance.

Back in 2008, you released your book ‘The Art of Dance Sport Makeup.’ Do you have any plans to extend your work as an author?

That was my first ever attempt to do something like that, and I really enjoyed myself! I would really like to do another book so I can answer all of the many beauty-related questions I receive from my fans. Maybe one day I’ll have the opportunity.

If all make up was banned from ballroom competitions – bar one, single product – what would you want the permissible cosmetic to be?

Definitely mascara – it really is the one thing I can't live without! My favourite mascaras are by Yves Saint Laurent (in black).

In your opinion, what is the biggest beauty sin women make?

Bad fake tan lines on the neck! You have to find just the right facial base so it perfectly matches the rest of the body. You see a lot of girls with very light faces and dark fake tan everywhere else, which leaves telling lines on the neck.

When visiting spas, what is your favourite treatment to undergo?

I love facials. My favourite one uses Sisley products, and my skin is left really bright and moisturised afterwards. Hydration is the most important thing for my skin because I wear so much makeup, and I sweat a lot during rehearsals. Whenever there’s time, I enjoy going for a facial because, aside from being good for my skin, they’re very relaxing - I usually fall asleep during treatments! I currently try to undergo at least two facials each month.

“To me, beauty is…”

To me beauty is defined as feeling good about yourself. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who smiles and radiates confidence. Gorgeous on the inside equals gorgeous on the outside!

‘Kristina has collaborated with MeMeMe Cosmetics to launch her very own range of beauty products. ‘The Kristina Rihanoff Essentials Collection’ is OUT NOW. It is available to purchase at You can also follow Kristina on Twitter (@KRihanoff).

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