Take your pet to a spa day…

Take your pet to a spa day
Take your pet to a spa day

I’m a great fan of the spa, as you well know…and an animal lover too. But, a bit like people who treat their pets as if they are actual children, I find the idea of a spa for pets a bit, well, odd!

The well-heeled ladies who frequent Harrods Pet Spa with their darling doggies and moggies would obviously beg to differ though, as the spa, which opened in 2012, is doing well, offering what’s probably one of the more unusual UK Spa breaks out there.

I have to giggle when I think about taking pets on a spa day I mean, I can see the point of taking a dog to have his or her fur groomed and trimmed; having the claws cut and generally keeping him nice and tidy. Taking a cat, on a pamper day, though? I wouldn’t dare try and take a cat to have anything like that done, I’m sure I’d lose most of the skin on my forearms if I attempted to drag a kitty in for a blow dry…

The spa boasts some of the ‘best pet stylists in London’ and even has a select regular clientele who take their pet in on a weekly basis for massage, Reiki or a ‘wash and fluff dry’. They even beautify tortoises. I am not making this up. Well, it is Knightsbridge. I don’t think I’ll be treating my parents’ dog to a spa break any time soon, though, I’ll stick to checking the site daily for Mother’s day spa offers and might just have to surprise his owner with a pamper day instead!

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